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Frank Morano Discusses Uptick in Gun Sales with Ross

June 2020 breaks the March 2020 record for most FBI Background Checks to purchase a gun

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 24, 2020 / American Rebel – America’s Patriotic Brand (OTCQB:AREB) CEO Andy Ross was interviewed by Frank Morano of ABC News Radio. Frank and Andy discussed the McCloskeys, record gun sales and the cannabis industry’s first inventory control safe.

Frank pointed out that American Rebel’s concealed carry backpacks, apparel and gun safes would appeal to supporters of gun rights which would typically be on the right side of the political spectrum; and that cannabis supporters would be thought of as on the left side of the political line and was that Andy’s experience. Andy said that American Rebel believes 100% in gun ownership and the right to bear arms and the second amendment, but also practices responsible gun ownership which is to safely store firearms to prevent accidents and that he walks a tightrope between political points of view.

The American Rebel Inventory Control Safe is the cannabis industry’s first inventory control safe. When American Rebel was told by a dispensary owner that they were purchasing gun safes, tearing out the interior and reconfiguring it for their use; and that dispensary owner asked if American Rebel could design a safe specifically for dispensaries, a new product was born. For more information on American Rebel products go to

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About American Rebel

American Rebel Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:AREB) is a fully reporting wholesale and retail sales company of safes, concealed carry apparel and backpacks based in Lenexa, Kansas, and Nashville, Tennessee. The company recognizes the need to safely secure assets, most vital which include firearms, valuables, and secured substances; and to be concealed and safe. American Rebel is currently focused on fulfilling the need for an ever-growing gun storage solution demand as well as operate in the concealed carry market to meet the needs of nearly 20M concealed carry permit holders as well as individuals exercising their Second Amendment rights in 11 permit-less states not required to have permits. The gun safe market is a $2B sector and the concealed carry market is an over $1B sector and both sectors are poised for continued growth as gun sales have increased over 60% since 2010 and there are an estimated 400 million guns in the US alone. Additionally, American Rebel has also recognized the opportunity to meet inventory locking requirements with safe applications for cannabis dispensaries. Dispensaries are required to lock their inventory after hours and American Rebel safes satisfy those requirements. To meet this opportunity, American Rebel designed the first Inventory Control Safe customized for the $35B cannabis industry. American Rebel utilizes the Harley-Davidson model of a lifestyle brand known for their higher-priced item (motorcycles and safes) supported by lower-priced brand building items. For more information on American Rebel, go to

About Frank Morano

Frank Morano boasts a long career in talk radio, having spent the last decade at WNYM-AM (970 The Answer)/New York, where he produced “The Joe Piscopo Show,” “The John Gambling Show” and “The Curtis Sliwa Show,” in addition to being a non-air part of all three programs. Additionally, he’s hosted “Morano in the Morning” on a weekly basis since 2011 and served as a substitute host on the syndicated “Mike Gallagher Show.” Frank hosts “The Frank Morano Program” every Sunday from 7 – 9 pm as well as “Morano in the Morning,” weekdays from 1 – 5 am beginning in August. His program will feature newsmakers, commentary, guests, exchanges with callers and a dose of satire. In addition, Morano presently hosts 10 am – 12 pm weekdays on co-owned WLIR-FM/Long Island.

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