About American Rebel Holdings Brands

We are American Rebel Holdings brands are proud advocates of the 2nd Amendment. We encourage safe and responsible gun ownership and offer products that enable you to do so.

American Rebel is America’s Patriotic Brand, but we also have Champion Safe Co, Superior Safe Company, Safe Guard Safe Co, and Max Safe USA

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American Rebel Holdings owns and operates a valuable portfolio of safe manufacturing companies, a concealed carry backpack and apparel design group, an agressive line of E-bikes, safe accessories and more.

America's Patriotic Brand

We build American Rebel Safes – one of the most desirable residential safes on the market. Our Black Smoke safes come in six different sizes. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of home owners and gun aficionados.

In a time when National Spirit is being rekindled, American Rebel positions itself as “America’s Patriotic Brand”. We are proud advocates of the 2nd Amendment and encourage safe and responsible gun ownership.

Utilizing our proprietary Protection Pocket, our CCW gear keep you concealed and safe while providing quick and easy access to your firearm.

“There’s a growing need to know how to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors or even a room full of total strangers”

Initially, the focus was concealed carry Apparel and backpacks. Style and personal security were top of mind. American Rebel’s CEO, Andy Ross knew that the need was growing. He said, “There’s a growing need to know how to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors or even a room full of total strangers. That need is in the forethought of every product we design.”

Our Leadership

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Meet the leadership team at American Rebel Holdings.

Andy Ross

Chairman of American Rebel

Andy Ross

Chairman of American Rebel

Andy Ross

Chairman of American Rebel

Andy Ross

Chairman of American Rebel

Our History

American Rebel Holdings was founded in December 2014. Founder Andy Ross had recorded a song on an upcoming CD called “American Rebel” and a trusted business advisor told Andy during a meeting about other business concepts that, “there’s your brand – American Rebel!”

Prior to founding American Rebel, Andy Ross had founded Digital Ally in 2004. Andy completed the initial funding and product designs and uplisted the company to NASDAQ under the trading symbol DGLY. Digital Ally still exists today as is led by Andy’s brother, Stan Ross.

After leaving Digital Ally to his brother, Andy founded Ross Archery and launched his television show, Maximum Archery World Tour. Andy toured the world filming exotic hunts during the ten year run of Maximum Archery World Tour followed by two years of the rebranded show, American Rebel.

During this time period American Rebel was founded it’s first concealed carry backpack at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY in early 2016. The backpack received good reviews and the company went to full production of its concealed carry backpacks with its proprietary protection pocket. The American Rebel Concealed Carry Backpack is designed for every day use while keeping you concealed and safe. 

The full lineup of the American Rebel Concealed Carry Backpacks were presented at the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta and sales were phenomenal. Buoyed with the confidence from the Atlanta trade show, the Company set out to expand into concealed carry jackets and coats, which were introduced in 2018. In late 2018, Liberty Safe decided to close its Kansas City area handgun box business and relocate it to Utah, leaving an experienced team looking for work. American Rebel CEO Andy Ross was determined it was a good time for American Rebel to get into the safe business. Andy brought Nathan Findley and his team onboard to American Rebel and the first full-size safe prototypes were shown at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis in the Spring of 2019. Several safes were ordered at this trade show, including a sale of an American Rebel 50 to a top NRA executive. In September 2019, the first American Rebel safes were shipped to dealers and the company took a major step forward.

2020 was a year of exciting growth at American Rebel. The company was expanding its dealer network and growing its sales. 2021 was a year of supply chain challenges and COVID overhang, which seemed to make everything more difficult. Although the company was disappointed with its sales, important groundwork was laid for a blockbuster acquisition the following year.

At the end of July 2022, American Rebel closed on its acquisition of the Champion Safe entities. Prior to being acquired by American Rebel, Champion had been the OEM manufacturer of American Rebel’s full-size safes. American Rebel’s leadership team chose to keep the Champion leadership team in place while American Rebel learned more about the Champion team and their operation. 2022 was an amazing year for American Rebel.

2023 is a year of integration and improvement. The American Rebel team has initiated many improvements to the Champion operation and management expects to see the results of these efforts beginning in Q4 2023.

American Rebel – America’s Patriotic Brand signs a Master Brewing Agreement with Associated Brewing Company in August 2023 and begins its launch of American Rebel Beer – it’s the only beer we’re drinkin’ round here.