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NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / August 16, 2018 / The Large Freedom Concealed Carry Backpack by American Rebel is featured in the fourth installment of a five-part series in the NRA Publication America’s 1st Freedom on how to pick the right handgun to carry for defensive purposes. Author Frank Jardim details his choice of the Walther .40 S&W P-99 Semi-Automatic. This is his family protection and traveling gun and the one he wants with him if he’s concerned circumstances might attract criminals or the dangerously deranged. Frank explains that his alternate carry method and the main one in warm weather is the Freedom Concealed Carry Backpack from American Rebel. Frank says that in addition to being a well-designed and rugged backpack, an isolated hidden padded pocket in the lower portion that is accessible via a zipper from either side securely holds his loaded handgun. The gun is snugly sandwiched between two thick soft-surfaced pads that protect it from damage and keep it oriented for a consistent draw. Frank adds, “It has another feature I find especially comforting. There’s a pocket in the back for a ballistic panel which is purchased separately. The panel adds a bit of weight, but I use it all the time because some threats, like the terrible attack at the Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas last October, can’t be proactively engaged. All you can do is run like heck.”

You can read the entire fourth installment of the five-part series here:

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American Rebel (OTCQB: AREB) was founded by Charles A. “Andy” Ross as America’s Patriotic Brand. Andy has previously founded Digital Ally, Inc. (DGLY) and Ross Archery. American Rebel’s initial product offering is its line of concealed carry products, which were launched at the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting. “There’s a growing need to know how to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors or even a room full of total strangers,” says American Rebel’s CEO Andy Ross. “That need is in the forethought of every product we design.” For more information on American Rebel, go to

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